Document Bag for Pilots


  • The practical bag for aircraft documents, personal documents or the navigation tablet
  • Two compartments with many subdivisions that can be opened with high-quality zips
  • With sewn-on Velcro strip for free individualization using embroidered or printed patches (patches not included)
  • Clouddancers and FlightLVL logo
  • The bag will be delivered without content, without REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag and without patches

Delivery time: 3 business days

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For orderly storage of everything that is important in the cockpit

Together with Clouddancers, we have designed a bag for pilots so that all the documents necessary for the flight are tidy and still always with you. Clouddancers has many years of experience converting fabrics into aviation products such as all-weather covers. And Stefan Langer's FlightLVL brand is proof that the bag has been optimally tailored to the everyday life of a motor and glider pilot.

Whether it's your personal flying logbook, the log book of your aircraft, approach charts, a tablet or the well-tried ICAO map: there is space for all of this in the document pouch.

Two high-quality zippers allow documents to be divided into a large main compartment and a smaller side compartment. There are six sub compartments in the main compartment, one can be closed with a zipper as well.

A robust webbing strap is sewn onto the outside of the bag so that even a heavily filled FlightLVL bag can be comfortably carried to the aircraft.

Compact and yet enough space

Dokumententasche Clouddancers FLIGHTLVL
Pilotentasche Farbvarianten

Lots of freedom for customization

Bei der Farbwahl der Piloten-Dokumententasche kann aus drei Außenstoffen (dunkelgrau, schwarz (fein gewoben) oder schwarz (FlightKit, grob gewoben)) sowie zwei Innenfarben (blau oder oliv-grau) gewählt werden. Ganz nach dem eigenen Geschmack.
The bag can be customized even further by attaching the embroidered or printed patches popular in aviation to the Velcro strip.

Well prepared for the next flight

Technical Data
Dimensions when filled: 300 mm x 180 mm x 110 mm
Weight: 385 g

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