5,7″ OpenVario Kit (without Sensor Board)


5.7″ OpenVario kit with housing and electronics. At least one Input Device is required for operation. By installing the optionally available Sensor Board , the OpenVario works as a full electronic variometer as well.

  • black anodized aluminum body, display frame and backplate
  • electronics completely assembled and tested (incl. display and Cubieboard2)
  • display cable, screws and mounting material
  • D-Sub 15 solder connector for connecting to the on-board power supply and speaker (aviation wire and speaker not included)
  • 4GB Micro SD card with adapter

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The modern glider flight computer for XC-Soar - the 5.7" version fits in almost every cockpit!

SteFly OpenVario can be integrated almost frameless in a glider instrument panel. With a little work and craftsmanship, your cockpit shines in a modern design.

SteFly OpenVario – the glide computer for cross-country pilots

Technical Data
Display: 5,7'', resolution 640 x 480 px
Display brightness: 900 cd/m²
CPU: DualCore 1,2 GHz
Input voltage range: 9 to 16 V
Amperage: 275 mA @ 12,9 V
Interfaces: 3 serial interfaces e.g. for connecting Flarm, radio or external vario (2 x RJ45 IGC pin assignment, 1 x D-Sub 15 pin)
USB: 2 USB-A ports, extendable with USB hub
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +60°C
Dimensions: 132,0 x 103,4 x 85 mm; see drawing for panel cutout below
Weight: 450 g
Material: black anodized aluminum body, display frame and backplate
External fuse: 3 A
Recommended Accessories: USB-A panel mount adapter (for quick updates) and on/off switch on the instrument panel

To get an overview of the steps required to complete the kit, please take a look at the following instructions: https://www.stefly.aero/assembly/

The time required for assembly is approx. 30 - 60 minutes.

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