License Terms

OpenVario is a project creating open source hardware and software. To make sure the community benefits from these developments, and this project remains both free and open, all files created within the OpenVario project are released under one of the two licenses mentioned in the sections below. In particular all content about the OpenVario on this webpage is licensed under the Creative Common CC BY-SA license. The copyright is with the respective author.


GPL v3

The Gnu General Public License, Version 3 often referred to as GPLv3 is used for software source codes. This basically means, that you can take the software sources, copy, distribute, and modify them, as long as you make your modifications public. You may use this software on your any hardware, as long as this hardware doesn’t restrict the user to upgrade/change the software running on it (for more information have a look at Wikipedia’s article on Tivoization).

The license text can be found at the GNU headquaters.


The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike is used for many different types of data such as documentation, hardware schematics, assembly guides, etc. If you are using (modifying, distributing) material released under this license, you must attribute the original creator and share your modifications under the same terms as the original content.

More information can be found here.



Michael Huber
Gernot Hehn
Timo Bruderek
Andreas Wasserbauer
Stefan Langer


Guido Probst
Rudi Schlesinger
Dieter Schwarzbeck


A link to the original OpenVario license terms can be found here.

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