Stefan Langer was choosen as athlete of the year 2015 in Donauwörth. He made excellent flights with his own Std. Libelle „SL“ and the sponsored Nimbus 4 „EP“. One of his greatest flight was at the 18th of April with the open class glider „EP“, when he flew 1159 km (1013 km FAI) in only 10:34 h. This was worldwide the longest flight at this day and he landed about 20 minutes after sunset, after he used a power plant to gain some more height to extend the flight. The pictures were taken only a view minutes before sunset, incredible but very cold.


2015-04-18 20.05.52

For more details of the flight, please have a look at the flight track.

Higlights of Langers soaring season 2015:

  • 1st DMSt club class
  • 1st Bitterwasser Cup
  • 1st Junior Challenge
  • 3rd German Nationals Open Class

For him the soaring season 2016 will start with a training camp of the Junior German Gliding Team at Pribina Cup, which begins at 25th of March.

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