[services_media title=”OpenVario” photo=”2767″ link=”https://stefly.aero/openvario/”]The Open Source glide computer with XCSoar. It has a sunlight readable navigation display with user friendly input and optional Sensorboard, for an integrated variometer.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Input devices” photo=”2781″ link=”https://stefly.aero/openvario/”]SteFly offers ergonomic and intuitive input devices for XCSoar. Have a look at the remote sticks wrapped with leather and the Rotary Module, which fits to the 5,7″ and 7″ OpenVario.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”Blog” photo=”2608″ link=”https://stefly.aero/blog/”]Blog of Stefan Langer, who is German Champion (Junior / Club Class) and won bronze at the Junior Worlds in 2017. He has also a passion for filmmaking.[/services_media]


OpenVario is a glide computer for XCSoar. Both are Open Source projects developed by glider enthusiasts and engineers in their spare time.

SteFly offers widely prefabricated 7″ and 5,7″ kits with perfectly sunlight readable displays. The kit includes all parts for the OpenVario and everything is already soldered (except the D-Sub connector cable). In 1 to 2 hours, the glide computer is ready for use.

[list icon=”linecon-icon-star”][list_item title=”5,7“ or 7“ display”][list_item title=”Sunlight readable screen”][list_item title=”XCSoar: Excellent navigation software for competition and free flight”][list_item title=”Linux operating system”][list_item title=”Low power consumption”][list_item title=”IGC standard RJ45 pinout for serial devices”][/list]
[list icon=”linecon-icon-star”][list_item title=”Easy file transfer with USB stick”][list_item title=”Input with remote stick or rotary module”][list_item title=”Sensorboard with latest generation sensors”][/list]
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